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21518How to Take a Screenshot On a Windows 10 PC : HelloTech How

9 November 2022

Click New and select the region you want to take a screenshot. Click the pen icon in the upper right corner of the toolbar. It’s a really easy way to take a screenshot of everything on your display. Run Snagit and click Capture, or press the PrtSn key on your keyboard. It’s light; quick; and moreover, has been click here in game for over 13 years. It’s also open-source and, as a result, is open to customization as well.

  • Click Quit Now to close VMware Fusion and apply security settings when running VMware Fusion next time.
  • Disk fragmentation is a problem because hard disks read and write data by moving mechanical heads across the surface of a disk.
  • You didn’t know that Windows 10 could record videos of on-screen activity?

The other two solutions work fine for taking screenshots in Windows on notebooks and desktops. Keyboards and shortcuts aren’t ideal for 2-in-1s and tablets. Users of these devices can’t depend on a keyboard.

Using Optimize Drives Utility on SSD

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To enable automatic defragmentation, you must first open the Optimize Drives window. Click “Change settings” and then select the appropriate option. Over time, the data blocks that make up files can become scattered in multiple locations around the surface of the hard disk. Defragmenting moves all of those blocks so they are located close together in physical space, which potentially speeds up read times when accessing data on the disk. However, with modern computers, defragmentation isn’t the necessity it once was. Windows automatically defragments mechanical drives, and defragmentation isn’t necessary with solid-state drives.

However in the latest version of Windows , the print screen key can be reassigned to work as a shortcut for opening screen snipping feature. Windows 10 is a great operating system for beginners and professionals alike. For quite some time, Microsoft has been improving the overall experience on Windows 10 with new features and useful apps. One of the best improvements Microsoft brought with Windows 10 was the revamped screenshot tool.

Take Screenshots & Save as JPEG in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or Lower

Moreover, by clicking the Microphone icon you record a voice-over. The tool allows recording from both microphone and system sound separately or simultaneously. To start recording screen on Windows 10, just press the keyboard shortcut Win + G. As soon as you press the keyboard shortcut, the Game bar will open. Here, click on the “Record” icon under the Game Capture section. If you want higher frame rate screen recording then select “60 fps” under “Video frame rate”.

How to Take Screenshot of Single Window without Saving

Windows+Shift+S can’t capture some useful elements like ToolTips, or other mouse hover effects . Open the desired page or any display to save and capture for reference in the future. If I use Alt-PrtScn, I can capture just the image in the top right-hand corner. The Free-form Snip allows you to capture your screen in any shape you want, be it ovular, circular, or freeform. We’ll email you 1-3 times per week—and never share your information.

Select the partition that you want to defragment. By checking this box, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy & to receive electronic communications from, which may include marketing promotions, news and updates. is dedicated to making Microsoft Windows easier for you. We share tips, videos, reviews, and downloads all designed to improve your Windows experience. Have you ever tried using the Optimize Drives tool in your Windows 10 computer?
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